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Portable Storage

Portable Storage Box NX601


Portable Storage Box




 Best RAID, an innovative storage design allows video professionals to do their job at any place, any time with this mini storage box. Best RAID as broadcast prosumer equipment for video market. The first portable RAID 6 storage with six 2.5 inch HDDs delivers uncompromised performance and high data protection.


Not like other RAID products, the data access has almost no performance degradation even under RAID degrading operation. Designed for portability, the small 2.5 inch HDD canister consists of lock mechanism to avoid careless drop off form the enclosure during transportation.


Enclosed by metal wrapped rubber protectors, the system is designed to protect itself from shock and vibration during transportation or operation. Large capacity video data can be carried to any place for editing and broadcasting.


By adoption of 2.5 inch hard disks, NX601 series consumes 1/3 power of legacy 3.5" hard disk RAID system with less weight and space. Meeting 21st century product requirement, our EcoRAID design fulfills environment friendly concept of saving space and energy.


Not only it provides a substantial eSATA 220MB/s throughput, Best RAID adds USB3 connectivity for easier and high speed connection.


Design in Japan

Made in Taiwan